“We believe that robotic technologies offer a radically new and effective way to assess brain function and rehabilitation”

– Dr. Stephen Scott, on the role of his patented KINARM™ robotic assessment system

Jason Hendry



Manager, Commercial Development

Jason Hendry, Manager, Commercial Development, Chemistry/Advanced Materials

Mr. Hendry is a certified licensing professional with a strong background in materials science , particularly in the area of biomaterials. He comes to PARTEQ from Millenium  Biologix, where he was responsible for research and development of resorbable spinal fusion and bone graft substitute medical devices. His expertise includes design, development, and validation of products, as well as project management, intellectual property protection, business planning, marketing, and regulatory affairs. Mr. Hendry is engaged in all aspects of commercial evaluation and development of discoveries arising from research at the institutions to which PARTEQ provides commercialization services. He focuses primarily in the areas of chemistry and advanced materials. He  also provides business management, where appropriate, to PARTEQ start-up companies and venture funds. Mr. Hendry is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario (BSc Materials Engineering) and the University of Toronto (MASc Materials Science).