“We believe that robotic technologies offer a radically new and effective way to assess brain function and rehabilitation”

– Dr. Stephen Scott, on the role of his patented KINARM™ robotic assessment system

Michael Wells



Manager, Commercial Development

Michael Wells, Commercial Development Manager, Life Sciences

Dr. Wells is a biochemist with expertise in new product development and marketing, technology evaluation and licensing strategy. He is also Executive Director of Snieckus Innovations, a custom synthetic chemistry group offering value-added services to the pharmaceutical and agrochemical sectors. Prior to joining PARTEQ he was managing partner in Protevia Inc., a Guelph-based biopharmaceutical startup company, where he oversaw drug discovery and clinical development of external cardiovascular technologies. He also managed regulatory, intellectual property and manufacturing concerns. More recently he worked as a senior business development consultant for Campbell Alliance, a leading biopharmaceutical consulting firm. He also worked as a marketing associate in new product development at Janssen-Ortho Inc. of Toronto.  Dr. Wells is a graduate of Queen’s University (MBA, Science and Technology), McMaster University (PhD) and the University of Guelph (BSc).