“We believe that robotic technologies offer a radically new and effective way to assess brain function and rehabilitation”

– Dr. Stephen Scott, on the role of his patented KINARM™ robotic assessment system

Our People


Jim Banting , PhD
President and CEO

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Intellectual Property

Stephen Scribner , PhD
Patent Agent

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Angela Lyon , MSc
Patent Agent

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Nancy McIntyre
Patent Assistant

613.533.6000 x 75133

Commercial Development

Ramzi Asfour , BSc, MBA
Manager, Commercial Development
Applied Engineering/Electronics/Computing

613.533.6000 x 78355

Jason Hendry , MSc, CLP
Manager, Commercial Development
Chemistry/Advanced Materials

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Michael Wells , PhD, MBA
Manager, Commercial Development
Life Sciences

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Bethany Gillen
Financial Analyst

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Paul Vickers , CPA-CA, CPA (Illinois)
Vice-President, Finance and Administration

613.533.6000 x 74870