“We believe that robotic technologies offer a radically new and effective way to assess brain function and rehabilitation”

– Dr. Stephen Scott, on the role of his patented KINARM™ robotic assessment system


About PARTEQ Innovations

PARTEQ Innovations was founded in 1987 by Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario, Canada to commercialize intellectual property (e.g. inventions) arising from university-generated research. PARTEQ's mission is to provide Queen’s and partner institution researchers with the intellectual property and commercialization expertise that are needed to advance their discoveries to the public, while returning the proceeds from those activities to researchers and their institutions.

About Queen’s University

Queen's University is one of Canada's top 10 research-intensive universities. It has an outstanding reputation for the breadth and vigor of its research. In recent years the impact of Queen's-based research has been strengthened through the transfer of these research results to society via commercialization. Queen's, in partnership with PARTEQ, can be counted among the leaders in North America in the commercialization of university research.

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