“The lotus leaf has given us a wonderful example of a self-cleaning system, designed by nature. ”

– Queen's chemist Dr. Guojun Liu on his amphiphobic materials

Bringing innovation to light

Mary Anne Beaudette

Welcome to our new website! 

As a full-service tech-transfer office working across a broad research spectrum, it’s always a challenge to capture, in a visual way, what we do.

Fortunately we’ve had the help of some great creative minds over the years. Our corporate rebranding nearly a decade ago gave us our distinctive "P" logo and “wave” motif. As a corporate look, it has served us well over the years as an elegant, constant reminder that our role, like water itself, is to be a creative force. 

So when we sat down to redesign our website earlier this year, we wanted to come up with a look that was as evocative as our water theme … and we think we’ve succeeded.

What better image to communicate the idea of discovery than light? Like water, it’s a life-giving force. It’s also the timeless metaphor for knowledge. And as a theme, it’s as varied as the discoveries that come in our doors year after year.

In choosing the image for our home page, for example, the glittering cosmos, with its overtones of limitless possibility and new frontiers, was the hands-down choice for our website’s “front door” by our staff.

Similarly, the shaft of sunlight piercing the ocean, reflective of both deep knowledge and breakthrough discoveries, seemed the perfect choice to illustrate our "Inventors" section.

And how much more direct can we be about our hopes for the future, than with the sunny blue skies that are the backdrop for our "Investors" pages?

My personal favorite, though is our “Have an Idea?” page. Its whimsical, hovering fireflies offer not only a refreshing new metaphor for the “eureka” moments that are the starting points of innovation; they also remind us that for many inventors, the natural world continues to be a vital source of inspiration. As those tiny beacons of light show us, eons before Edison, Nature had created its own lightbulbs!

So welcome to our world. Come in, take a look around, say hello to our inventors, and sample their technologies. Our lights will always be on for you. 

Mary Anne Beaudette is Director of Communications for PARTEQ Innovations.