“We believe that robotic technologies offer a radically new and effective way to assess brain function and rehabilitation.”

– Dr. Stephen Scott, Queen's neuroscientist, on his KINARM technology

Have an Idea?

"I have an idea. Where do I go from here?"

Great! But before you spend any time or money on your idea, make sure it isn’t already patented or on the market. To help you get started:

  • Google. Using keywords, this is a convenient way to quickly narrow or even complete your search. 
  • If your idea is a consumer product, visit stores. You would be surprised how often versions of seemingly original ideas turn up on store shelves.
  • Use your institution’s library. Their reference staff can help you do effective, efficient searches, and they have a wealth of databases and other information sources.
  • Do your own patent searching. Try Patent Office databases:
  • Public databases:

Note: it is helpful to augment your keyword search by associating it with a category. This category or classification code can be identified from this website: http://www.wipo.int/ipcpub/#refresh=page  > click on one of the letters to expand each column and look for codes in each subdirectory.

If you are an institutional inventor, compile the result of your searches in a document and give us a call to discuss.  You can view our invention disclosure form here.

If you are a student interested in learning more about innovation and entrepreneurship in general, Queen's Innovation Connector is a good place to start. 

If you are a community (i.e. non-institutional) inventor, contact Launch Lab for next steps.