“Before now, no one had a way of measuring how deep they’re welding with a laser without first destroying their work-- it just wasn't possible.”

– Dr. Paul Webster, on his Walmsley Award-winning laser depth tool

Our Companies

PARTEQ startup companies:

Atherochem Inc. (2004; inactive)

BKIN Technologies Ltd. (2004)    bkin_logos_col.jpg
Location: Kingston, ON

Developer of next-generation, objective assessment systems to quantify sensorimotor performance and behaviour, supporting basic and clinical research on motor function.


Chronic Acute Pain Technology Corp. (2006; inactive)

Cardiomics Inc. (1999; inactive)

Cytochroma Inc. (1996)Cytochroma 2012-logo (1).gif
Location: Markham, ON

Applied genomics and drug discovery company with applications in the treatment of cancer, bone disorders and skin diseases.

Datec Coating Corp.  (1994)
Location: Mississauga, ON

Advanced materials company specializing in the development and application of a unique ceramic coating process for heating elements in domestic appliances and for non-stick surfaces and electrical insulation.

GB Therapeutics Inc. (1997)
Renamed Cita NeuroPharmaceuticals Inc.; acquired by Vernalis plc  vernalis.jpg
Location: Cambridge, U.K. and Morristown, N.J.

Development stage pharmaceutical company, taking promising product candidates along a commercially-focused path to market.

GreenCentre Canada  (2009) green-centre-colour.jpg

National Centre of Excellence for commercializing early-stage green chemistry discoveries generated by academic researchers and industry.

Laser Depth Dynamics (2012)
Location: Kingston, ON

Developing patent-pending inline coherence imaging technology to become a leading supplier of industrial laser measurement systems.

Micos Medical Systems (1992) inactive )

Molecular Mining Corp. (1996); inactive

Nanometals Corp.  (1993) Merged into Integran Technologies Inc.
Location: Toronto, ON

The world's only producer of fully-dense bulk nanocrystalline and grain boundary engineered materials.

Neurochem Inc. (1993) - Now Bellus Health Inc.
Location: Saint-Laurent, PQ
Development-focused health company concentrating on the development of products that provide innovative health solutions and address critical unmet medical needs.

Nometics Inc.  (2006)
Location: Kingston, ON

Private specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the treatment of cancer through the restoration of the nitric oxide signalling pathway.

Neuroceptor Inc.  (1997) Merged into Painceptor Pharma; inactive

Performance Plants Inc. (1995)PerfPlants-Logo.JPG
Location: Kingston, ON,

Plant biotechnology company focused on the modification of plant metabolism to enhance crop protection and increase yields.

Qubit Systems Inc. (1995)Qubit_Logo.jpg
Location: Kingston, ON

High quality, low-cost integrated laboratory packages for teaching and research in the biological sciences.

Q'Life Systems (1988) inactive

Screenform (1988) sold

SE Reactors Inc. (1992) inactive

sGC Pharma Inc. (2007)
Locaton: Wellesley, MA

Biotechnology company dedicated to developing a drug to improve cognition and memory in patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD).

SPARQ Systems Inc.
Location: Kingston, ON

Ontario-based global provider of solar photovoltaic (PV)microinverters.

Vaxis Therapeutics Inc. (2001) Acquired by Cellegy Pharamaceuticals Inc.; merged with Adamis Pharmaceuticals
Location: San Diego, CA

Commercial-stage specialty pharmaceutical company with products concentrated in allergy/respiratory, oncology, and immunology/infectious diseases.

Westport Mobility Products (1987; inactive)

xuuk (2004)
Location: Kingston, ON

Developer of novel products to meet marketplace demands for cost-efficient eye-tracking devices.

Companies founded on PARTEQ-licensed technologies:

Novari Health. (2003) (Formerly AdapCS Canada)563_novari_weblogo.jpg
Location: Kingston, ON

Developer of innovative IT solutions that improve patient access to care.

ASK Science Products Inc. (2000) inactive
Location: Kingston, ON

Developer of electroporation tools and robotic technologies.

Biosystemix Ltd. (2003)Biosystemix logo.jpg
Location: Kingston, ON

Solutions in advanced data mining and predictive modeling for biomedical applications.

CHIL Semiconductor (2005) Sold to International Rectifier
Location: Tewksbury, MA

Developer of a next-generation digital power chip with applications in PC, server, datacom/telecom, and aerospace electronics markets.

DUSA Pharmaceuticals Inc. (1991)dusa_logo.gif

Publicly traded specialty pharmaceutical company developing innovative products for use in photodynamic therapy and photodetection.

EnerWorks Inc. (1999)
Location: Woodstock, ON

Developer and manufacturer of renewable energy systems.

iGO Technologies Inc.
Location: Kingston, ON

Developer and marketer of planning and guidance systems for computer-assisted surgery.

Predictive Patterns Software Inc.
Location: Kingston, ON

Software development and data services.

Jolly Giant Software Inc.
Location: Kingston, ON

Developer and marketer of terminal emulation software for PC connectivity.

Media Shell Inc. (2000; inactive)

MicroAcoustic Instruments Inc. (1992)Microacoustic-logo.jpg
Location: Ottawa, ON

Marketing capacitative air-coupled ultrasonic transducers.

Nial Systems Ltd. (1982)
Location: Kingston, ON

Applications and software components for data analysis and data mining.

Pentech Pharmaceuticals (1993)
Location: Rolling Meadows, IL

Investigating and developing pharmaceutical products effective in the treatment of lifestyle and quality of life conditions.

Pathogen Detection Systems Inc. (2003) now ENDETECENDETEC-Veolia.jpg
Location: Kingston, ON

Fibreoptic technology for rapid, automated bacteria detection in water systems.

PolyFerm Canada (1999)

Focuses on the development, manufacture, and commercialization of polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) – a family of biodegradable bioplastics made from renewable resources.

Precision Therapeutics Inc. (2010)

Pressure Pipe Inspection Co. Ltd.(1997) Acquired by PURE Technologies
Location: Mississauga, ON and Scottsdale, AZ

Electromagnetic inspection system for non-destructive evaluation of prestressed concrete cylinder.

Q'Pit Inc. (1994)
Location: Kingston, ON

Mining software company

Q'Straint Systems (1984)Q'Straint-logo.png
Location: Cambridge, ON; Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Whitstable, Kent, UK; Rocklea, Australia

Manufacturer of wheelchair and occupant securement systems.

Roseworks Ltd. (1988; inactive)

Switchable Solutions Inc.
Location: Kingston, ON

Specializes in the design and operation of customized green chemical process technologies.