“Before now, no one had a way of measuring how deep they’re welding with a laser without first destroying their work-- it just wasn't possible.”

– Dr. Paul Webster, on his Walmsley Award-winning laser depth tool

Who Owns What?

Each of our client institutions has its own policy on IP ownership. Generally, all intellectual property is owned by the creator(s), unless some other arrangement has been agreed to in advance for certain categories of employment, for certain types of funding, or by individual contract.

View institutional ownership policies here.

If PARTEQ elects to commercialize intellectual property, the creator is required to assign their IP to their parent institution. (Cross-appointees assign to their joint institutions.)  

Under their contract with PARTEQ, creators may not negotiate commercialization or enter into any agreement related to commercialization without the prior written consent of PARTEQ.  PARTEQ has the sole and exclusive right to commercialize creators’ IP.

PARTEQ’s client institutions retain the right to practice the Intellectual Property for non-commercial, education or research purposes.
View our Intellectual Property Agreement here.