“There aren’t that many people studying fat-derived stem cells and these scaffolds that we’ve developed are something completely new.”

– Dr. Lauren Flynn, on her soft-tissue replacement discovery


For all inventors:   Invention Disclosure Form       

  • To help you articulate the nature of your discovery, and a key first step towards a good patent application

In addition, your home institution’s Research Services office has many of the forms and resources you may need to pursue contract research or commercially oriented work.   

For Queen’s University faculty, staff and students:  See Queen’s Office of Research Services

See also Queen’s libraries

For Queen’s inventors:  Intellectual Property Agreement   

  • This spells out our mutual obligations as commercial development begins.  

For Queen’s students:  Student Assignment   

  • This document details confidentiality and intellectual property ownership terms and must be signed by students before starting work on any research project with a corporate partner or sponsor.

For Kingston General Hospital researchers and staff: See the KGH Offices of Health Sciences Research