“There aren’t that many people studying fat-derived stem cells and these scaffolds that we’ve developed are something completely new.”

– Dr. Lauren Flynn, on her soft-tissue replacement discovery

Intellectual Property

PARTEQ works with you to protect and manage your intellectual property (IP), the starting material for new products and processes. PARTEQ is unique in having three patent agents on staff who are registered in both Canada and the U.S. to draft and prosecute your patent applications. Our agents are senior scientists with experience in a broad range of sectors, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, chemistry, materials, engineering, IT and electronics.

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About Copyright

Copyright questions? Queen's University now has a Copyright Advisory Office. 

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What is intellectual property (IP)?

Intellectual property, simply defined, is any form of knowledge or expression created with one's intellect. It includes such things as inventions, literary, artistic, musical or visual works, computer software, trademarks, and even "know-how."

Top five misconceptions about patents