“There aren’t that many people studying fat-derived stem cells and these scaffolds that we’ve developed are something completely new.”

– Dr. Lauren Flynn, on her soft-tissue replacement discovery

Five Misconceptions About Patents

1. Having a patent gives you the right to do something

  • Actually, the patent only gives you the right to EXCLUDE others from doing (i.e., making, using or selling) something.

2. A choice must be made between patenting and publishing

  • Actually, you can “have it all”.

3. Filing a patent application means an invention is “patented”

  • Actually, you have just begun a long negotiation with the patent office.

4. Describing something in a patent application automatically means that it is protected by the granted patent

  •  Actually, ONLY the final claim scope defines the scope of protection.

5. Having a patent in one country means the invention is also protected in other countries

  •  Actually, each country requires its own patent. There is no such thing as an ‘international patent’.