“There aren’t that many people studying fat-derived stem cells and these scaffolds that we’ve developed are something completely new.”

– Dr. Lauren Flynn, on her soft-tissue replacement discovery

Keeping wheelchair passsengers safe in transit

Q'Straint passenger safety solutions

Elite athletes at the Beijing Paralympics are just some of the millions of wheelchair van passengers around the world who have reached their destinations safely, thanks to pioneering research at Queen’s into ‘seatbelts’ for wheelchairs and their occupants.  A unique, retractable, adjustable four-point system, developed in the 1980s by Prof. Henk Wevers and the Clinical Mechanics Group at Queen’s, was protected and licensed by PARTEQ to Q’Straint Systems Inc., which has become the world’s leading wheelchair securement company. Today, life-saving Q’Straint™ products have been responsible for more than 10 billion safe passenger buckle-ups in transit vehicles in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and South Africa. 

Q'Straint Systems Inc.