“There aren’t that many people studying fat-derived stem cells and these scaffolds that we’ve developed are something completely new.”

– Dr. Lauren Flynn, on her soft-tissue replacement discovery

Uncommonly strong metals

Nanovate™ electroplated materials

What do aerospace parts, automotive components, and sporting goods have in common? All are being enhanced by nano-materials research pioneered at Queen’s University, where metallurgist Uwe Erb discovered a novel way to manipulate the grain size of nickel using electrodeposition, a widely used, low-cost metal processing technique. The resulting nanocrystalline material displayed highly enhanced properties, including superior resistance to wear, friction and corrosion, and increased strength and hardness. Dr. Erb’s innovation contributed to the formation of Integran Technologies Inc., a Toronto-based advanced materials company, where it is revolutionizing  the production of a wide variety of metal-plated surfaces, from nuclear and defence applications to the production of stronger, lighter golf clubs, snowboarding gear, and other athletic equipment and sporting goods.