“Part of the satisfaction of my research program is working with industrial partners who can help me to develop effective, economical and energy-efficient solutions.”

– Dr. Yan-Fei Liu, on his electrical engineering innovations

Invest in Innovation

More than ever, the innovations that transform our world begin with discovery research.

Since 1987 PARTEQ Innovations has been helping to drive discoveries to market. More than 45 companies have been created, and those companies have attracted more than $1 billion in investment.  

In 1999 PARTEQ became Canada’s first university-based technology transfer office to establish and manage a captive venture fund.  Since that time we have developed a number of funding vehicles for supporting and investing in promising early stage technologies and startup companies.

One of our investment vehicles is the Tricolour Venture Fund, which is Canada’s first student-advised venture capital fund targeting promising early stage technologies and startup companies.

Do you have an interest in mentoring the next generation of innovators? Are you keen to share your experience, expertise and networks? 

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