“The lotus leaf has given us a wonderful example of a self-cleaning system, designed by nature. ”

– Queen's chemist Dr. Guojun Liu on his amphiphobic materials


Performance Plants announces $4.28 million financing deal

Dec. 19, 2001

KINGSTON, ON -- Performance Plants Inc., a spinoff company of PARTEQ Innovations, has announced the completion of $4.28 million in additional financing to support its plant biotechnology program for the development of genetically enhanced crop plants.

Supporting partners are the VentureLink Fund of Toronto, Dynex Capital Limited Partnership of Kingston, the Saskatchewan Opportunities Corporation, and Queen's University's PARTEQ Innovations.

PARTEQ spinoff Cardiomics announces second-round financing from Working Ventures-Queen's fund

Dec. 5 , 2001

KINGSTON, ON -- Cardiomics Inc., a spinoff company of PARTEQ Innovations, is pleased to announce second-round financing of $450,000 from the Working Ventures CMDF Queen's Scientific Breakthrough Fund.

The funding, which builds on an initial $250,000 investment from the fund, will be used to accelerate the company's investigations into diagnostic and therapeutic tools for the treatment of ischemic heart disease. It will also assist in the company's current quest to raise $13 million in new investor funding for the next three years.

Cellegy Pharmaceuticals acquires PARTEQ spinoff Vaxis

Nov. 28, 2001

KINGSTON, ON -- PARTEQ Innovations, the technology transfer arm of Queen's University at Kingston, is pleased to announce the acquisition of its spinoff company Vaxis Therapeutics, by Cellegy Pharmaceuticals, Inc. of San Francisco, CA, for Cdn$6 million. The deal, which enables Cellegy to expand its product line in prescription drugs for male and female sexual dysfunction, includes potential earn-out payments of up to Cdn$11 million to Vaxis based upon on the sales of future products.

PARTEQ spinoffs win Synergy Awards

Nov. 14, 2001

Queen's University and two spinoff companies of PARTEQ Innovations have won Synergy Awards from the Natural Sciences Engineering and Research Council (NSERC) and the Conference Board of Canada. The awards, announced yesterday, recognize the year's best research collaborations between Canadian universities and industry.

PARTEQ launches new venture investment fund for Queen's University

February 14, 2001

KINGSTON, ON -- Entrepreneurs affiliated with Queen's University received a boost with the launch of a new $2.5 million venture capital fund, focused on investing in new Internet and e-commerce companies.

PARTEQ Innovations, Queen's technology transfer arm, has entered into an arrangement with the New Millennium Internet Ventures Fund Inc. to form the Parteq Internet Ventures Fund, a community small business investment fund (CSBIF) focused on emerging Internet and e-commerce enterprises.


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