“The lotus leaf has given us a wonderful example of a self-cleaning system, designed by nature. ”

– Queen's chemist Dr. Guojun Liu on his amphiphobic materials

PARTEQ Innovations forms a collaboration with Atlas Copco related to a mining technology developed by Queen's University researchers

(Kingston, Ont.) – May 11, 2015

Today, PARTEQ Innovations announced the signing of a collaboration with Atlas Copco related to an underground mining automation technology. Atlas Copco is a world-leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions serving customers in more than 180 countries with products and service focused on productivity, energy efficiency, safety and ergonomics. This technology was developed in the lab of Dr. Johsua Marshall, with graduate student Dr. Andrew Dobson, from the Department of Mining at Queen’s university. This Queen’s technology may lead to the automation of the process for loading the bucket of an underground load haul dump vehicle with fragmented rock. Atlas Copco will continue to develop this technology, and potentially incorporate it into future generations of their underground mining equipment.

“This technology solves a long-standing problem in mining robotics, and we are thrilled that Atlas Copco chose to partner with us at Queen’s. This sort of international success speaks to the quality of our researchers, uniqueness and relevance of our work,” says Dr. Marshall. “Atlas Copco has a fantastic team of dedicated and forward-thinking people, which made this collaboration experience both technically as well as professionally rewarding.”

“We are pleased to see a Queen’s technology become the subject of a collaboration with a multi-national mining company, such as Atlas Copco. This collaboration is an example of a technology transfer project that helps to support our strategic framework objectives related to internationalization and research prominence of research conducted at the University.” says Dr. Steven Liss, the Vice Principal, Research at Queen’s University and Chair of the PARTEQ Board of Directors.

“The collaboration with Queen's University has been a positive experience bringing about new knowledge as well as good relations between ourselves. The resulting technology enables us to plan for autoloading options on our LHD products. All in the spirit of Sustainable Productivity which is Atlas Copco’s overall brand promise” say’s Olav Kvist, vice president Mining Technology.

Atlas Copco also sees future potential for further cooperation with Queens University in the field of mining automation. Dr. Marshall's research focuses on mining systems and robotics, and involves the development and application of advanced methods for perception, modelling, and control of mining equipment and processes.

About PARTEQ Innovations

PARTEQ Innovations is a not-for-profit corporation to act as the technology transfer agent for Queen's University at Kingston. PARTEQ has the exclusive rights to all intellectual property owned by the University. PARTEQ's mission is to provide Queen’s and partner institution researchers with the intellectual property and commercialization expertise that are needed to advance their discoveries to benefit the public. Visit us at www.parteqinnovations.com; and follow us on Twitter @ptqinnovates.

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Mon, 2015-05-11 16:45