“The lotus leaf has given us a wonderful example of a self-cleaning system, designed by nature. ”

– Queen's chemist Dr. Guojun Liu on his amphiphobic materials


SPARQ Systems Inc. completes $2.75M investment round

KINGSTON, ON -- SPARQ Systems Inc., the Canadian leader in developing advanced photovoltaic (PV) microinverter products and systems, is pleased to announce the completion of $2.75 million in investment from three Ontario cleantech venture funds.

The investment, from the MaRS Cleantech Fund, the Investment Accelerator Fund (IAF) and the Ontario Centres of Excellence Market Readiness program, will enable SPARQ to advance its smart grid-ready solar microinverter product to market.

PARTEQ signs first commercial agreement with China-based corporation for Queen's University technology

By Rosie Hales, Communications Officer, Queen's

After months of discussion, PARTEQ Innovations have signed an agreement to with Tianjin Jet-Mate Technology Company, the first successful business agreement for PARTEQ with a China-based corporation on a Queen’s University technology.  This was a highlight of the recent Ontario-China forum held in Toronto on October 9th.

PARTEQ inventor receives international energy award

Dr. Philip Jessop

June 7, 2013

A green solvent technology developed by Dr. Philip Jessop, PARTEQ inventor and Canada Research Chair in Green Chemistry at Queen's University, has earned him the prestigious Eni Award in New Frontiers of Hydrocarbons.

The award, sponsored by Italian energy giant Eni, recognizes outstanding researchers who have made innovative advances towards the better use of energy sources and environmental sustainability. 

Researchers’ bacteria-based process for compostable, bio-based plastics receives U.S. patent

A Queen’s University research breakthrough for producing biodegradable plastics from renewable feedstocks has been issued its first U.S. patent.

Patent Number 8,273,852, “Medium chain length polyhydroxyalkanoate polymer and method of making same,” was issued to Drs. Bruce and Juliana Ramsay and co-inventors Xuan Jiang and Zhiyong Sun, of Queen’s Department of Chemical Engineering.

International workshop to highlight role of “miracle molecule” in treating cancer

KINGSTON, ON – Some of the world’s top researchers in a new and rapidly growing field of cancer treatment will be sharing their research insights at Queen’s University later this month.

The Third International Workshop on Nitric Oxide in Cancer Therapy is hosted by Drs. Charles Graham and Rob Siemens of Queen’s University, who are internationally recognized with Queen’s co-researcher Michael Adams for their work in the uses of nitric oxide in cancer.

Queen’s chemists create new graphene-like material with wide range of potential uses

KINGSTON, ON -- Queen’s University researchers have discovered a simple, cost-effective method for making new molecular materials similar to graphene, but with additional properties.

Ultra-thin and ultra-strong, with an astonishing array of potential uses, graphene-based materials are highly sought-after by industries worldwide because of their exceptional electronic, mechanical, thermal and opto-electric properties.


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